In Somnia, was founded in the heart of the alps in 2013, for the sake of doing serious music with a focus on expression. Moderate to fast drumbeats, simple fundamental basslines, less distorted guitars combined with classical piano and strings completed together with versatile vocals and an open mind the sound of this unique Tyrolean metal style. Hailing from a district set in the shadows of over 250 mountain-summits higher than 3000 meters formed the grey personality of their music and attached another view and a dark sense of humour to their lyrics.

In 2014 the band signed their first worldwide record deal at 7hard records, a division of 7 us media group, and released their album Withered-Frozen-Perished on November 14. The organic debut brought fresh air into modern rock music and featured elements of different metal, punk and classical sounds.

After several internal problems the band decided to hit the studio again for their second work, "For the Harvest". The 60 minutes masterpiece is featuring seventeen tracks packed in four seasons, each with another general mood. For the Harvest is brought to you by Via Nocturna since 9.2017.



Simon Andreas Brunner – vocals & guitar
Tobias Rainer – guitar
Dominik Senfter – keyboard
Patrick Koesslbacher – bass
Dominic Granegger



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